Хичээлийн Цахим сурах бичгийг боловсруулах онол, арга зүй

Сэдэв: "Хичээлийн Цахим сурах бичгийг боловсруулах онол, арга зүй" Илтгэгч: дэд проф. Д.Цэдэвсүрэн, МУБИС-ийн Бакалаврын сургалтын албаны менежер Хэзээ: 2012 оны 10 сарын 26-нд Хугацаа: 16.00-17.00 цаг Хаана: МУИС, МКС, 217 тоот Хураангуй: Implementing the integration between Information Technology and the content as well as the methodology of training properly can be the basis of successful training which used ICT. Nowadays the ideology and the attitudes to teaching/learning ICT literacy and ICT pedagogical Integration have being broadly used in the developing countries around the world. So it requires the teachers to use ICT not only as a visual aid but also to integrate it with the content and the methodology of any training. Furthermore, it is needed to develop web-training, to create the new ones and to make researches on the theory and the methodology of the web training content which provided the requirements. This article is intended to implement the theory and methodology of Instructional Design of web materials. Specifically, the article is designed to help learners to create and use web materials. The article has made use of my own handbook. (илтгэл монгол хэл дээр явагдана)