Cookie Cutters - extra fun!

Make something yourself

Personalised manipulatives have the potential to improve learning experiences and can be quickly realised using 3D printing technology. Kolb & Bauback suggest that 3D printing allows students to increase their geometrical and technical knowledge by building objects. In addition to being able to apply a variety of STEAM topics when creating 3D prints students can create something that fulfils their wishes, inspirations and needs. Moreover, building objects is one of the most important characteristics of constructivist learning.
3D printing allows the creation of a variety of items, including those that represent mathematical concepts. Vanscoder mentions the high value of such representations and that prototyping contributes to students’ acquiring and training their engineering and art skills.

Step by step approach

First let your students explore the application to explore a cube disection. Then take the picture of the disected cube and let your students create a cookie cutter in the same shape. Bake cookies without wasting dough!

Cubes by Diego

Create the cookie cutter