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im.g.1.13.2.Turning on a Grid

You will try two rotations of ABCD as described below. Do NOT start with the rotation tool (part of the drop down menus). Instead, for each of the two rotations, first use the polygon tool to freehand where you think the rotation will land the image. Color this figure purple. Then check your work using the geogebra rotation tool. Color this figure orange. Leave both your pre-work and your check. Do this for both of the rotations. Here are the two rotations: 1. Rotate ABCD 90 degrees CW around Q. 2. Rotate ABCD 180 degrees around R.
Follow the same pattern as above. For the two rotations listed below, try using the polygon tool to freehand the rotation, then check your work using the rotation tool in GeoGebra. Again, put your freehand work in purple and the work with the geogebra tool in orange. Leave your freehand and your check. 3. Rotate HJKLMN 120 degrees CW around O. 4. Rotate HJKLMN 60 degrees CCW around P.


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