Split Torus

Will Le
(Forked from Thijs's Split Torus)
The torus is split by a (thick) Möbius strip. Check the box "Möbius strip" to see that section. The resulting object is a trefoil knot (right-handed), which can be seen clearer when the split angle is big (90° or more). Möbius strip, trefoil knot, and torus knots in general are objects in topology. This is a (right-handed) model of Karel Vreeburg's stone sculpture "Hidden Split Torus 2" (left-handed), which itself is inspired by Keizo Ushio's "Oushi Zokei" sculptures (right-handed) such as the giant “Dream Lens” standing by the Akashi Kaikyo bridge at Kobe, Japan.

Hidden Split Torus 2

Hidden Split Torus 2
N.J. Wildberger talks about Torus knots in his lecture AlgTop26: Covering spaces (starting from minute 37). If you are curious about topology, see the full course of Algebraic Topology for beginners.