Time and Elevation on Coordinate Plane

The coordinate plane below is a combination of the timeline and elevation line from the previous task. This graph is plotting the elevation of Scrat's acorn at different years in history. See if you can make sense of the graph, then answer the questions below.

1. What was the elevation of Scrat's acorn in the year -3000?

Check all that apply

2. During what year did Scrat's acorn reach 2000 feet?

Check all that apply

3. What's the difference in elevation from year -1000 to year 1000? Explain your thinking.

Story Time!

4. Write a story to describe what may have happened to Scrat's acorn from year -3000 to year 2000. Make sure to include where the acorn is depending on the elevation (example: on sea level, on a small mountain, under water) and how it got from location to location. The more creative the better, just make sure your story stays accurate to the graph!