Currency Conversion

Currency Conversion

Manav is at Heathrow Airport in London and he sees the sign below at a money exchange booth. The unit of currency in London is the Great British Pound (GBP). [2] Manav sold 14 001 Euros to the money exchanger. How many GBP did he buy?


[3] Alaap is travelling with Manav. Alaap sold 15 000 Singapore Dollars. How many GBP did he buy?

[6] Ayush sold one million Japanese Yen to buy GBP. But then he realized that he did not need GBP, so he used these GBP to buy Australian dollars. How many Australian dollars did he buy? Round your answer to the nearest Australian dollar. Show every step of the calculation.

[3] A week later, Manav returned to the airport and saw he same sign. He had 500 GBP left over and he used these to buy Canadian dollars. How many Canadian dollars did he buy? Round your answer down.

[2] Explain why it is unrealistic that every currency would be at the same rate after a week.