Indian shruti scale

Shruti Although a svar in any specific rag is located at one of the twelve abstract theoretical pitch positions, the exact pitch of the notes has never been standardized in frequencies or ratios. It is accepted that the actual position of the semitones excluding Sa and Pa can vary slightly. The flat notes can be lowered by approximately 20 cents, and are then called ati komal (extra low). Similarly, tivr Ma can become tivrtar (sharper). These microtonal variations are often referred to as shruti (that which is audible) in the sense of the smallest perceptible increment in pitch. Since the ancient time, an octave (or heptad-saptak) was assigned 22 shruti spread over 12 tones. Shruti  Wikipedia  The Automated Transcription for Indian Music (AUTRIM) Music: Sanjeev Abhyankar - Raag Madhukauns: Kahe Mori Baat