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Proving Vertical Angles: Part 1

1. Copy Definition to worksheet.

Vertical Angles - Congruent angles that are created when two lines cross.

2. Draw Vertical Angles

A. Draw two intersecting lines.  (Regular Pencil) B. Color each pair of vertical angles a different color. C. Label as shown. See below for interactive example.

3. Copy Definition to Worksheet

Rigid Transformations (or Motions) - Examples: rotation, reflection, or translation (turn, flip or slide) After one or more of these transformations, shapes still have the same size, area, angles and line lengths.

4. View the next two Geogebra examples and complete the following.

Come up with at least two series of transformations from one vertical angle to its partner. Illustrate and describe them on your worksheet.

5. Following your investigation above answer the following question on your worksheet.

Describe and justify any special relationships between the vertical angles.