This graph shows a parent function f(x) and four transformations, as well as a slider: You can adjust the slider to change the value of a. The transformed functions are defined as follows: g(x) = f(x) + a h(x) = f(x) - a k(x) = f(x + a) m(x) = f(x - a). Your goal should be to be able to describe the specific effect of each of these four transformations in words. To that end, you can: -turn the different functions on and off -drag the slider to change the value -change the function rule for f(x) from x^2 to something else. Some suggestions: sqrt(x), |x|, e^x. Do not change g(x), h(x), k(x), or m(x) - Just let them adjust on their own. If you accidentally change them, you'll need to reload the page and start over. When you are pretty sure you know what each of the four transformations does, write down some notes and move on to the Reflections activity.