Will Le
The symbol of UniThread Theory contains 3 circles, 2 arrows, 1 equal, and a unithread twisted into 3 loops (antinodes). It resembles the Chapter 42 "Tao genesis" in Tao Te Ching:
From the Way (UniThread) comes One (Equal), from One comes Two (Arrows), from Two comes Three (Circles), from Three comes everything.
The Middle circle contains the One (equal) which balances the two opposite circles and arrows. The Middle circle interacts with the Positive circle giving rise to the Positive arrow, and with the Negative circle giving rise to the Negative arrow. Moreover, the total of these three circles is a constant, represented by a single unithread. Thus, all of them exist in the harmony maintained by the Middle "eye" or "qi"(氣). FYI, The blue unithread in the symbol above is drawn by the following equation: where a = 0.4 in this case.