Dance of the Cantor Set 2

Slightly different from Dance of the Cantor Set (Juan Carlos Ponce Campuzano) Now the rotation "a" has a double cover, so you only need the range of 0 to pi. History Post "Script: Cantor Set" Post "Dance of the Cantor Set" Scripting speed = Slider(0, 1, 0.001, 1 , 100, false, true, false, false) a = Slider(0,pi, 0.001, speed, 100, false, true, false, false) L1={Segment((0,0),(20,0))} Execute(Zip("L"+(k+1)+"=Rotate(Dilate(Join(L"+k+",Reflect(L"+k+",x=30)),1/3,(0,"+k+".5)), -a "+k+", (10,"+k+"))",k,1..9)) # Settings #========== SetActiveView(1) Centerview((10,5)) SetBackgroundColor("Black") Execute(Zip("SetLineThickness(L"+k+", 11-"+k+")", k,1..10)) Execute(Zip("SetDynamicColor(L"+k+",1,1,1)", k,1..10)) Setvalue(speed, 0.3) Setvalue(a, 0) StartAnimation(a, true)