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Volume of rectangular prisms

What is a rectangular prism?

Look at the containers and cubes on the table in front of you. Pick them up, turn them over. a) How many faces do the containers have? b) How many vertices (corners) do the containers have? c) How many edges do the containers have? d) Answer the above questions for the cubes? e) What is SIMILAR between the containers and the cubes? How are they the same? f) What are the DIFFERENCES?

Making rectangular prisms

Using the cubes on the table, assemble as many as you like to build a rectangular prism. When you have completed your prism, complete Worksheet V1. Repeat the activity, but remove OR add a layer of cubes and continue completing the worksheet. Record the data on the last two Prisms using your classmates' examples.

Move the sliders to recreate your prisms.

Working out the volume of a rectangular prism with unit cubes

Adjust the size of this prism to make A = 2, B = 3 and C =4. What is the volume of this prism? If it was filled with one centimetre cubes, how many could it hold? Explain your answer to the person sitting beside you. Add another layer to your existing prism. Has it made it bigger or smaller? What is the volume now?