I first drew segment DE, and 2 circles centered at each endpoint of the segment. After that I drew point A and 2 circles with the radii of AD and AE. Then, I drew point C and 2 circles with the radii of CD and CE. Then I connected segment AC and added point B. Segment DE is the radius of Circle D and E, and AC is the perpendicular bisector of the radius. DB=BE because of the perpendicular bisector, AB=AB because of the reflexive property, and angle ABE and ABD which makes triangles ABE and ABD congruent due to SAS making a pair of opposite,congruent sides. DC=CE because they are the radius of circle C making the last pair of opposite, congruent sides. AC=AC because of reflexive property, AD=AE because of CPCTC, and DC=DE because they're both the radius of circle C which makes triangle ADC and AEC congruent due to SSS which makes angles ADC and AEC equal.