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Grade 7 and 8 Training Test # 6

The coordinate grid shown represents a map of a park. A portion of the park is going to be upgraded with new playground equipment and flowers. Part A The portion of the park that is to receive upgrades has the following coordinates:
  • Point A (-4, 4)
  • Point B (3, 4)
  • Point C (3, -2)
  • Point D (-4, -2)
Use the Add Point and Connect Line Tools to create the rectangle ABCD. Part B Each unit of the grid represents 1 yard. How much area, in square yards, will receive upgrades? Part C The triangular area between points A, B, and D will be decorated with red, white and blue flowers. 1/3 of triangle ABD will have red flowers. How much area, in square yards, will have red flowers?