How to Hire the Right Person?

Rahul Top
Human resources are the greatest asset of an organization. HR professionals always invest their efforts in retaining the best employees of the organization but, are they keen enough in hiring the right person for the job? Getting a candidate with the right qualifications for the job might be easy but, finding the one that fits in the company’s culture finds to be tough. Here are some key tips for hiring the right person for a job at your company.  Define the Job before Hiring an Employee Defining the job right is a key step for hiring the right job for the person. Proper job analysis gives you information about skills, responsibilities, and outcomes along with the work environment. It helps you plan the right recruiting strategy to hire a person for a job. Posting the job in the right place is equally important to get the attention of the right candidates. Leverage the benefits of the right job posting platforms like Linkedin career section, social media, website career page, and Facebook, along with job portals.   Culture fit assessment  After you filter options based on the qualifications of the candidates, conduct a culture fit assessment to know if the chosen employee fits in your company’s culture. Assessment includes assessing a person’s communication skills, dressing style, and goals they rally around. Not turning an eye to culture fit assessment will make you blindfolded towards the most significant indicator of future success. You can check on their social skills like getting along with the employees, managing the current clients, and much more.  Go beyond resume A resume is the first contact of the employee to the employer, but it alone cannot stand on self nowadays. Many things should be checked like education, experience, personality, references, and much more. You should always go beyond the resume to pick the right employee for the job. Does employee personality related to job When you are recruiting an employee for a particular job, you might have the detail about the job with the job description. At the same time, you should know what kind of personality fits into the job. Ask the employee questions about the personality traits who want to know rather than the questions that ought to be asked in the regular interviews.  Conduct a well-structured interview Whether you are hiring a professional for a start up company in the coworking space in Noida, or from a big company, you need to have a well-structured interview to assess the details you want from the employee before hiring them.  Rely on a person’s potential  Experience and education are past credentials, while the interview is conducted in the present scenario. How the person’s performance is going to affect in the future? The exhaustive interview process should be aimed at knowing the candidate’s potential to overcome the job challenges and bring the company to succeed tomorrow. It is all about going beyond the resume and knowing what the person naturally has before you make the right call.  Source :

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