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What characteristics are maintained? (A Transformations Exploration)

Consider the following transformations performed on parallelogram ABCD with coordinates A(2, -2), B(4, 4), C(12, 4), and D(10, -2):

1. a reflection over the x-axis 2. a rotation of 270 degrees about the origin 3. a dilation of scale factor 3 about the origin 4. a translation to the right 5 and down 3 Make predictions about how the lengths, perimeter, area, and angle measures will change under each transformations. Discuss you predictions with your group.

Parallelogram ABCD

Verify your predictions.

What do you notice about which transformations preserve size and/or shape?

1. Reflection over the x-axis.

2. Rotation 270 degrees about the origin.

3. Dilation of scale factor 3 about the origin

4. Translate right 5 units and down 3 units.