Teaching students nowadays

Sean Hill
As educational activities are socially needed, education as a science must be accurate: it has to be observed, it should be measured, and everything must be checked. So, the question of pedagogical reasoning, its foundations and principles that are understood by all and compelling to all (and not just for the elite sponsors’ educational monographs) remains open and requires content-inflammatory and non-formal permission. Unfortunately, even a scrupulous examination of numerous educational materials does not contribute to the search for an answer to the question. And it is not a pedagogical works, but the fact that we sometimes do not know what we want from education and pedagogy, and therefore – do not understand that it is necessary to measure. Attempts of government to measure everything, which is measured by the number of seats to the number of triples in the magazine, hoping to extract from it the quality of education, can be regarded only as a naive formalism. You might as well try to find out thoughts in detail by measuring the position of all parts of the body thinking. The answer to the question, what to teach children is not to be found in educational theory and teaching activities either in or outside the general pedagogy. However, the teaching activities of the order are not more than the teaching of science. The present educational system in abundance has many “innovations” that were once not unheard of. Today, we can boast of, and all sorts of “new” organizational forms (grammar schools, high schools, specialized schools, tutoring, tutoring, etc.), in comparison with which the “normal” school of burlesque acts as a “conventional powder” from the never-ending soap advertisement. We are too quick to forget that the post-Soviet Union countries with the “conventional powder” could make industrial spurt, to master nuclear energy, and finally go into space before the USA. Various “new” teaching methods (though mostly dedicated “gifted” children) and education (and brought up exclusively of “person” who formed such “high” quality as enterprise, patriotism, tolerance, religious, etc.) endless stream a variety of initiatives, programs, initiatives, reforms, reorganizations, reaching the top. However, almost all of these innovations prove to be the best – loud slogans, at worst – camouflaged lobbying of various corporate or personal interests, far removed from education. This innovation involves an extremely small fraction of our education system (a few percent of any set of parameters), and the “mass production” is not never coming out, and at times is simply abandoned and forgotten in favor of the initiative should be done. But leave aside the speculative component of innovation and, most importantly look at the – what, how and why to teach the vast majority of our children in the ordinary mass secondary school and what the results of this study are. The easiest way is probably to answer the first question, because there are state standards, however, periodically changing is for several generations of standards for a generation of people. The trouble, however, is that the standards are more or less detailed naming sections of each school subject, do not discuss the specific skills and activities of the real skills that have to be formed with the children. But each school discipline – just a themed set of content blocks that is what given to the student as an auxiliary material for the production of his skills. For example, analysis of the available sets of textbooks in mathematics for elementary school shows that no two of them are taught the same. Due problems mentioned above students are starting searching for hugely established writing company, with the original quality papers  for sale. Many of them are searching for legit essay writing services. It provides trustworthy reviews about writing services. Usually good service should provide original content from qualified writers. Also it is good if service provide revisions and citations. Last step which is also important, your papers should be done on time. Many of these services are not worth time, due problems with plagiasm or deadline. So, the real content of education and the forms and methods, if to look not at the subject, but from a general point of view, are just as uncertain, vague, amorphous, as well as pedagogical theory. With relentless declaring that the primary purpose of education is to form some kind of a special person, the real results are more than modest. All of the above gives rise to a sense of chaos that characterizes today’s schooling. The most interesting thing here is that this state of affairs is not perfect. Neither parents (which is natural – they do care about their children)… nor teachers, many of whom are educated, dedicated and talented people… nor the principals who have to work in conditions of almost total uncertainty (such as the variety of crazy to choose textbooks to teach kids)… and constantly changing priorities of bosses’ initiative”. This means one thing: the root of the problem must be sought not in the teachers (who were always different – who is better and who is worse), not in the textbooks (and they are, for all the diversity of approaches, not the worst), and not even the minister (ministers come and go and the problems remain for some reason). A well-known principle of Gestalt psychology states that if we cannot understand the properties of the system, based on the properties of its elements, it is necessary to look at the relationship of elements of the system to the system itself as a unified whole.