Hangman hexomino cube nets

This activity belongs to the Spanish GeoGebra Book Juegos. This game is like hangman, but with hexominoes. Hexominoes are like dominoes, only instead of adding two squares, we add 6 squares. There are 35 different ways to do it (rotations and reflections are not taken into account), which are the ones that appear in the applet. Of those 35 hexominoes, only 11 correspond to cube nets. That is, only 11 of them serve as a template for constructing a cube. Your mission is to find them. Each time you hit one of them, it will show you how that hexomino can be folded to construct the cube. Then you will get one letter of the hidden 11-letter word. You can only fail at most 5 times. At the sixth failure you must try to solve it. When you think you know the hidden word, write it in the box and press the Enter key. If the word is correct, this message will appear: YOU'VE GOT IT! You can also start over by pressing . If you manage to solve this game, try to find the answer to the question that appear after the applet.

Why do hexaminoes have different colors? Try to figure out what the 2 green hexominoes, the 2 purple ones, the 5 blue ones, the 6 red ones and the 20 gray ones have in common with each other.

Author of the construction of GeoGebra: Rafael Losada