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The Dynamic Multiplication Model

The model serves to teach multiplication and division concept and process using an area model with base and height of 10 squares. In the case of multiplication: students are given length and width to find the area which is the product (length x width or factor x factor). The table designed for this special purpose can be considered as a platform where the arrangements of objects, pictures or numbers in columns and rows is done. The array method explains the multiplication. This array is used for the concept of division related to multiplication as its inverse operation. In the case of division: students are given area and the length in order to find the width (given dividend and the divisor, find the quotient). Interpretation and observation: interpret the result of the product referring to the number of the unit squares consisting the rectangle OQ1PR1, or refer to its area. Manipulate the sliders and observe the product at the equation and the respective rectangle with diagonal OP. You can change the position of point P and observe the change of α and β on their respective sliders. The dependence between the product and the values of α and β , in our case, is bidirectional.