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Printable Puzzles

We collect ideas for printable puzzles

What we want: we collect ideas for printable puzzles for
  1. making quick presentations on eg. a fair
  2. allowing printing in classrooms
  3. allowing a presentation within workshops
so they should be
  • entertaining
  • shareable
  • maybe usable for other purposes
  • maybe connect to daily lives
  • maybe producible using GeoGebra
in my opinion in relation to a saying in Austria: "Besser gut gfladert als schlecht selber gmacht" - better well stolen than bad but homemade what I mean with this: get inspired by others, reuse existing ideas, the wheel does not need to be invented again so I will add as a first step some stuff from Diego here.

cut something into pieces to be able to create 2 shapes

cut cubes - nicely combinable with AR if more complex cuts you can not see from the inside

Take a 2D game and make it 3D

Additional info