Chords of a circle


Perpendicular Chord Bisector Theorem Converse

Construct a chord to the given circle. Construct a perpendicular bisector of a chord. Move the chord around and see what happens to the perpendicular bisector.

The perpendicular bisector of a chord always goes through what point of the circle.

Perpendicular Chord Bisector Theorem

Construct a diameter of the circle. Draw a chord such that it is perpendicular to the diameter. Find the lengths of each segment of the chord. Find the measure of the arc created by the endpoints of the chord.

If a diameter is perpendicular to a chord then the diameter will __________________. (complete the statement)

In general any line, ray, or segment going through the center of a circle and perpendicular to a chord will bisect the chord and the arc the chord creates.

Congruent Corresponding Chords Theorem and the Equidistant Chords Theorem

Find the measure of arc CD and arc EF. Find the length the chords are from the center.

What is the measure of arc CD and arc EF

If two chords of the same circle are congruent then what two conclusions can we make?

Points C, D, and E represent three apple trees in a yard. Where would you place a sprinkler so that the trees are equidistant from the sprinkler?