Mini Golf Project

Part 1 - Practice

Use the diagram below to get a hole in one by bouncing the ball off of a single wall. You are starting at point G and ending at point H. Use the segment tool (choose from the dropdown using the third button on the top of the toolbar) to draw the path your ball will take from start to finish (Click on each segment you've drawn followed by the circle-triangle icon on the top right of the page to color your paths red). Use the "Angle" tool (8th icon in the toolbar) to measure the angles that your ball will make when it hits the wall. You will need to click on 3 points in order to measure an angle (the vertex should be the second point you click). Use the "Length or Distance" tool (found under the same dropdown as angle measure) and click on each segment to show its length.

Part 2 - Practice

Using the same mini golf hole as Part 1, get a hole-in-one by bouncing your ball off of TWO walls. Once again, color the path red and measure all angles and distances.

Challenge #1

Get a hole-in-one by bouncing the ball off of 2 walls. (Color path red and label all angles and distances)

Challenge #2

Can you make a hole-in-one by hitting 3 walls?

Challenge #3

Make a hole-in-one by bouncing off of 4 walls.

Your Own Miniature Golf Hole

You directions are as follows: 1. Create your own mini-golf hole using GeoGebra. There should be a way to get a hole-in-one by hitting one wall, two walls, or three walls. Here is the link to create your own: 2. Draw in your three different paths and color them with different colors so that they are easy to tell apart. Make sure all angles and lengths are measured. If you prefer, you can write these in when you paste the screenshot in GoodNotes. You can also make 3 separate diagrams if you'd like. 3. Take a screenshot of your mini-golf hole and make a brochure in GoodNotes to entice people to visit and play your mini-golf hole. Your brochure/advertisement needs to include: - A theme for your mini-golf hole - Your diagram(s) with the three paths and measurements - A drawing of your hole (with no paths drawn-in) that is decorated and colored based on your theme. You are encouraged to add obstacles and other features as long as they don't interfere with any of your paths.