Copy a line segment - Congruent Segment Construction

Follow these steps for congruent segment constructions (4 below will have all 3 steps!): 1) Using the LINE TOOL, make a segment CD of any length, but longer than AB. Select the LINE TOOL, the click anywhere to mark C, then click anywhere to mark D 2) Using the COMPASS TOOL, create a circle with radius AB and center point C. Select the COMPASS TOOL, then click on A, then click on B, then click on C 3) Using the POINT TOOL, mark the intersection of circle C and segment CD as F. Select the POINT TOOL, then carefully click where the two intersect, F should appear as a black point, not purple

Construction #1

Construction #2

Construction #3

Construction #4

Construct a segment that is TWICE the length as segment AB using the Segment Addition Postulate, make sure to mark the endpoints of your answer.