Video Five: Interactions

So, with the explanation of the chessboard and the chess pieces explained, let’s look at Interactions. The Interactions mark significant occurrences between the planetary positions and the constellations. An Accord is when two planets are at the same degree of ecliptic longitude, they lie on a straight line extending outward from the sun. An Antithesis is when one planet is positioned 180 degrees from another planet. A Constellation Boundary signifies when a planet is on, or crosses the boundary between two constellations. This is also called a ‘Wake.’ A Court occurs when a planet is within 15 degrees of another planet. The outer orbit takes precedence and will cancel out lower courts. An Audience occurs when two planets are in the Court of another. An Assembly is when three or more planets are in the Court of another. A Prominence is when a planet is by itself for 30 degrees in each direction. A Void is when there are 60 degrees of empty constellations. If a planet is within a constellation, that constellation cannot be included. The wider the void and the more constellations it takes up, the more pronounced it is. Prominence and Void combinations can include more than one constellation. These concepts are based on the Lagrangian Points of astronomy. The line connecting the first four planets in a Key is called the Sigil. When the Sigil line crosses itself, it denotes a Sigil Crossover. YouTube Video Link: