Practice your Spatial Sense

Goal: Build this Cuboid in the app below.

 Goal: Build this Cuboid in the app below.
Image source: Tim Brzezinski
Task 1: Note the cuboid above has 8 vertices (corners). If we position one of its vertices at (0,0,0), enter 7 other ordered triples (x,y,z) that can serve as locations for its other vertices.

NEXT STEPS: Complete the Cuboid

Note the cuboid above has six faces. Lets construct other five faces of this prism that are not contained in the gridded plane above.  Once you're done plotting the 7 other vertices of your prism:
  • Press the TOOLS icon (left side).
  • Find and select the POLYGON tool.
  • Use this tool to construct each face of the polygon. (When building a face, be sure you select vertices in a circular order and "close" the polygon with the first vertex you selected.)
  • If you want to move your 3D construction around select the MOVE tool to turn off the POLYGON tool so you can.
  • Tip: RIGHT CLICK on any point and select "FIX OBJECT" to prevent that point from moving.
This activity is inspired and edited from one of Tim Brzezinski's work.